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Utah Fishing Outfitters & Guides Association - Code of Conduct

UFOGA Fishing Guide Code of Conduct


A fishing guides main priority is the safety of his/her client(s). The guide shall take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the client(s) from the time they enter his/her vehicle to the time they are dropped off.

As a steward of the rivers, lakes, streams and the surrounding land, it is the fishing guides responsibility to keep the land and waters clean and healthy. This includes; picking up trash (their own and that left by others), mitigating transfer of Aquatic Nuisance Species and Diseases by proper cleaning and maintenance of gear, and practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

As a steward of the sport of fishing, it is the fishing guides responsibility to engage others in a kind and courteous manner. This includes; giving adequate space on rivers and lakes to other fishermen/women, greeting others on the water in a friendly manner, avoiding any confrontational behavior regardless of cause.

When accessing private, leased or walk in access land, guides shall respect the conditions put in place by the land owner. This may include; closing and securing gates, signing in, giving livestock adequate space to avoid agitating them, obtaining written or verbal permission when appropriate, respecting adjacent lands that may not be open to trespass.

When transporting clients, guides shall properly maintain their vehicle and carry appropriate insurance for their vehicle.

Guides shall operate under an outfitter holding a county business license and appropriate liability insurance. If a guide chooses to not operate under an outfitter, they shall obtain a business license and comparable liability insurance.

Wildlife shall be treated with due respect at all times. This includes; giving appropriate space to mammals wintering/living in river corridors, avoiding fishing for actively spawning fish, walking around redds, proper handling and release of fish, utilizing fishing methods that increase survivability of released fish

At all times the fishing guide shall ensure that he/she and his/her client(s) obey the laws of the state and regulations of the water they are utilizing. This includes; possessing a current fishing license, using appropriate tackle, only taking fish within the slot limit, and only fishing open waters as described in the DWR fishing guidebook.

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